Welcome to ARR Rail Solutions Limited

ARR Rail is dedicated to introducing innovative solutions to address the key challenges faced by the railway infrastructure sector.

ARR Rail forms a focal point for drawing on a a wide range of proven expertise in materials, engineering design, modelling and simulation, welding and weld restoration technologies, and inspection and monitoring technologies. We operate as a large network of colleagues at Universities, research institutes, and in the manufacturing and supply industry.

Our Offerings

ARR Rail adopts one of the following two approaches for the development of innovative products and processes.

Bespoke development of product and process solutions to identified challenges facing our clients
Developments of innovative new products and processes including identification of collaborative partners and securing external funding

Delivery Model

1 / Establish a clear understanding of the identified challenge
2 / Identify the full range of expertise required to develop a solution
3 / Elaboration and execution of an agreed programme of development
4 / Validation of solution
5 / Handover of the developed solution